Sunday, 25 February 2007

25 feb 07 - health report

  • Got enough sleep and didn’t wake up with a hangover (although I probably deserved to!)
  • Did a 40min jog and played 90 mins of tennis.
  • Drank lots of water.
  • Alcohol free day!!
Needs improvement:
  • More fruit required (2 pieces today).
  • Went out for Thai dinner which was OK, but too expensive for my budget and not the healthiest option.


Cazzie!!! said...

Kudos to you for the tennis, and after a big night!!!

yublocka said...

Thanks Cazzie! It actually rained most of the time so it was nice and refreshing. I can't believe how often its been raining lately - it's crazy!!

Steph said...

I guess being a doctor would make you uber healthy?

It would make me paranoid. I've just been googling a numb patch of skin on my thigh and now I'm convinced I have the early onset of MS!!

Gah! *cries* I had google.

Health Bites said...

I like your "do 3 healthy things..." plan, great idea! Sounds like you are enjoying OC too :-)

yublocka said...

Steph I don't think the words me and "uber healthy" can be truthfully used in the same sentence unless there is a big "NOT" in between! Especially this week.

As for the numb thigh, I hope that has left you now. I think the chances of it being MS are quite small though. Damn google for making people paranoid!!

Thanks Mary, I think 3 things I can focus on. Any more than that and I get overwhelmed! You're right about me enjoying the OC, it's lovely here!!!