Saturday, 3 February 2007

A long overdue update

So things haven’t exactly gone as planned with this new blog, have they? A lot of that is my fault* – the last fortnight has simply flown by. The first week in the OC was particularly difficult: finding our way around the hospital there, getting used to sharing a house with 5 other people I didn’t know at all, getting used to a new town, as well as being away from family, friends and A, not being able to make STD calls and having limited mobile reception indoors.

Now, by the end of the second week, I feel more settled. The OC is a beautiful town, and where we live is across the road from the hospital, 10 mins walk to a Coles and Kmart, 15 mins walk to Woolies and Harris Farm (I can still get my yoghurt fix, woohoo!) and 15 mins walk to the gym I have joined.

Yep, you heard that right, I’m back at a gym. After not having been for 8 months, it’s kinda weird being inside again. I did a Pump class the first week, and was in agony for days afterwards. Last week I went back and did treadmill, elliptical trainer and rowing on Monday and felt ok afterwards. Tuesday I decided to do my all-time favourite class - BodyAttack - and it killed me (but in a good way).

The gym also has a 25m pool, which I am planning to start using very shortly! I ‘m back in Sydney for the weekend, so when I woke up this morning I went in the bathroom and jumped on the scales. I was 69.9kg – haven’t cracked the 70’s number for quite a while, so I was stoked!! I think it’s a combination of going to the gym, walking around everywhere and being mega busy pretty much every second of the day.

So I decided to reward myself by:

  • browsing around Portman’s at Broadway and forcing A to come in with me
  • Getting a 30 min neck, shoulder and back massage. I’ve been in pain for weeks now. I really need to hook myself up with a physio in Orange.
  • Buying a pair of swimming goggles. I think swimming will help strengthen my back and shoulders, and hopefully stop the pain and headaches that I get.

Despite these niggling heath issues, I’m in a pretty good state right now. Very overwhelmed by everything I have to do this year, but I figure the only way I’m going to cope and make it through the year is by allowing myself to take some time out, and by being kind to my body. If I allow myself to become a nervous wreck already, I’ll never make it!!

* The small percentage that isn’t my fault I blame on 43 things. Several times I have tried to publish entries from there onto this blog. It tells me it works but the posts never show up. Maybe one day soon this feature will randomly start working and you’ll get to read the minutiae of my progress on various things. Hope springs eternal, I guess!!

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M said...

You are so busy, it's amazing you get the time to come here when you do.

Where you are living sounds really cool - and good on you for joining a gym. As well as exercising its a good way to meet other people in a new place.

Hope this week is a little easier on the 'busy-ness' scale :)

Mary said...

Hey, sorry for the lack of comments! I'll catch up with you properly tonight :-)


Health Bites said...

Glad to hear you feel more settled babe and it does sound like a lot of changes. The gym should help with routine too and your body will love you for it. Great way to get to know people in the area as well :-)

Picasso's Muse said...

Nice blog! Like the layout! Your life sounds packed but you are making that whole "work/life balance" a priority - which is great!!

yublocka said...

I was gonna reply to these comments, but that turned out to be a mini-entry, so I just converted it to one if that makes sense!!!!