Thursday, 18 January 2007


Cheers to my first post in this brand spanking new blog! This blog is meant to be an outlet for my brain to dump its thoughts, goals and progress on my experiences in this merry-go-round we call life.

Right now my life is divided into 2 areas: Uni and Everything Else. This year especially its going to be hard not to let the uni category become all consuming and shut out many other aspects of my life. Last year it did in some (maybe even many) ways. Looking back there are certain things I would definately have done differently that could have helped preserve my sanity at many points along the year.

I hope that focusing here on the Everything Else part of my life - recording where I am now, where I want to be, and what I'm doing to get there - will help give me some space and distance from the beast that is 3rd year. I hope it will allow me to see that life doesn't stand still just because of assessments, that just because it feels like I'm spending 24/7 doing uni stuff, I can still live a healthy, active life, and achieve other goals, as long as I am willing to put in a little effort.

I was going to write that beginning today my free time is as precious as gold, but then I stopped. Because when it comes down it, every day - no matter where we are in life or what is expected of us - is as precious as gold. Whether we choose to use those precious hours in ways that helps us achieve our personal goals and help us be the person that we want to be is up to us, and its a decision that we make minute by minute.

I hope that a year from now will see me a changed person both professionally, but also personally, emotionally and physically. Hopefully this blog will both record and be an agent for this change!!