Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Random acts of kindness that make your day

Rewind back to Monday lunchtime. It was cold (about 11 degrees, eek!) and rainy. I was about 15 minutes from home without an umbrella and not wearing warm enough clothes for the occasion. Luckily there was a kmart across the road so I ducked in to buy one.

Halfway home it stopped raining, so I'm waking along cursing the rain, the cold, the fact I just bought an umbrella when I didn't need one anymore, my PMS, my tiredness, the fact that I was on my way to present a patient case in a pretend exam I wasn't really looking forward to because at the end they always ask tricky questions and pretty much life in general.

As I'm crossing the road an elderly man man on an electric mobility scooter zooms past and says "you've got lovely long black hair" and continues on his merry way.

And with that, my proverbial frown turned upside down...