Wednesday, 23 December 2009

My nod to Christmas

Unsurprisingly, with everything that's been going on lately, I've been feeling a bit like the Grinch that stole Christmas this year.

However, I *have* unpacked my mini-Christmas tree at home, and I *have* completed my Christmas shopping. So it's not all bah humbug over here.

And yesterday and today I decided to go festive to work.

Festive outfit

What the hey, it made me happy anyway!!

Festive outfit

Friday, 4 December 2009

It's not my birthday

It's not today....actually it was 3 days ago (bonus points for anyone who spots the They Might Be Giants reference!)

The actual birthday started off ok but ended up overwhelmingly sucky. When they found out at work it was my birthday my boss went and bought a tray of cakes and biscuits. Yum! He scared the beejesus out of me by luring me into the tearoom by telling me he needed to talk about a patient complaint though! However later on I had a very sick patient that I was looking after and was basically told by the cardiologist that it was on my head to stay back and make sure she was seen by the surgeons. Took me 4 hours after my shift ended to make sure that happened. So I missed out on my own bithday dinner and trivia with my parents and brothers. Boohoo!

But yesterday I bought myself 2 birthday presents, so it's not all bad. A lightweight short-sleeved cardigan from Target (Target always comes through for me) and a pair of gladiator sandals from Aldo.

2 new things

Please excuse the hair (haven't combed it for over 24 hours). There's also a few stains on that singlet top that thankfully didn't photograph well!

This summer I really wanted to get a pair of sandals-slash-booties. I found a few pairs that I liked online, but dithered around too much and there's none available in my size anywhere. Australian shoe stores have a few options, but none of them jumped out at me.

Yesterday I saw these babies at Aldo. They're really just gladiators, not booties, however the combination of different textures, braids and studs won me over. I'm in love.

Aldo gladiators

For any North Americans reading this, I'm curious: did US stores stock these same shoes during your summer? Aldo stores are a rarity in Australia (only 14 in the entire country) and I wonder if we just get your leftover end of season merchandise? I totally love these, so I'm not complaining!!