Wednesday, 14 February 2007

I'm still alive

Just busy, tired, busy and a great procrastinator!!

I'm still gymming it though which is good. Well kinda. Today my quads are in agony as a result of the Pump class I did on Monday and the BodyAttack class I did last night. Every time I had to walk down stairs today I had to practically fall down without bending my legs it hurt so much!!

I'm playing netball in 2 hours time, and I'm about to have a "nanna nap" beforehand in the hope that will make me feel a bit more human. Running on adrenalin (and caffeine!) at the moment but can't keep this pace up forever. I don't normally do the afternoon nap thing, but I'm feeling in desperate need of a pick-me-up!!!


M said...

I love Nanna naps. Was considering one today but the grey hairs have convinced me colouring would be a more effective use of my time LOL.

Hope you won last night :)

Philippa said...

Nanna naps are good! I have them every chance I get... which is about once a month, at the moment!

Hope netball went well!

Steph said...

Here you are! So glad you're still blogging but where will you find the time to keep up TWO blogs?

yublocka said...

M I forgot to say it today, but your hair looked lovely! As for grey hairs, I hear ya, ugh!!!

Hmm Phil I don't think once a month is enough for a nanna nap. I don't normally do them myself but I think with some practice I could get used to it!

Steph, you know what they say: where there's a will there's a way! Also its a great form of procrastination!!!

Health Bites said...

I'm not one for a nanna nap but when I do "do" it, it's heaven and it definitely recharges the batteries. Hope you're legs feel better! It does get easier :-)

yublocka said...

Hey Mary, they did feel better until I did Pump again yesterday. Nowhere near as bad as last week though thank goodness. Think I do need to try and do it more than once a week though!!!