Thursday, 8 March 2007

it's been one week

One long, busy and emotionally challenging week, that is.

In that time I have been doing some good stuff, some bad stuff. Sometimes life just gets in the way, doesn’t it?

Four of my close friends are going through life-changing things right now. Two of them are having babies which is super exciting. The other two are going through completely different things, but both awfully sad and devastating situations.

I’m finding it hard to be a good friend. My natural reaction is to soak in their pain, but get depressed because I can’t do anything about it. I need to realise that just calling or emailing them is all I can do (since I can’t be there in person).

My natural reaction is to either fix something or to want to hibernate away from the world and mope. Since I can’t fix other people option A isn’t feasible. And picking option B is only going to make me miserable and not help anyone, isn’t it?


Health Bites said...

It's definitely hard seeing your friends go through shit but yeah, all you can do is let them know you are there for them and try not to let it eat you. Bad days don't last, especially when you focus on the good stuff.


yublocka said...

That's so true Mary. Very wise words - thanks!!!