Sunday, 11 March 2007

11 mar 07 - health report

  • Alcohol free day (well nearly, literally a few sips wine-tasting don’t count do they?)
  • Played 1 hour touch football.
Needs improvement:
  • 3 coffees, 2 of them big ones!
  • Ate way, way too much today. Went out for brekky, then had a big homecooked Russian lunch, then apple crumble for dessert at dinner time. No way did a game of touch make up for that!!
  • Should have gone for a walk as well!!


Health Bites said...

Hey, what's the photo of?

yublocka said...


The small ones are plain potato, the larger ones are stuffed with croutons and onion.

So good!!!

nature's touch said...

Wow! Nice yummy picture, as I am a great potato eater.

yublocka said...

I thought they were lovely too. Just looking at the pic makes me want some more - pity they are all gone now!!!

your bloody valentine said...

Mmm, dumplings. They look delicious