Monday, 24 September 2007


Yesterday I went down to the Gong to celebrate my Dad's birthday. My brothers and I joined my parents and their bushwalking group on a short walk along the escarpment cliff tops at Mt Ousley.

We sat and ate a picnic lunch on the side of the cliffs at Broker's Nose, overlooking the northern suburbs of Wollongong. You'll have to trust me when I say it was spectacular, because despite being organised enough to take my camera, I was not organised enough to ensure it contained a memory card. Boohoo!

After lunch we went back to my parents house and ate chocolate muffins and freshly baked apple crumble. Again, you'll have to believe me when I say my Mum makes the best crumble ever. That's not something you can capture in blog format.

In the fading daylight I wandered around my parents backyard. We looked at a nest that a bowerbird has recently been constructing near their front door. The bowerbird was hiding behind the fence dividing the nest from the next-door neighbours house, so I only caught tantalising glimpses of its midnight blue feathers. I love the way they collect and hoard blue trinkets - this one had milk lids and clothes pegs aplenty.

Continuing through the garden, I scored aplenty as well. First, a bunch of beautiful purple azaleas.


My parents are gardening freaks and literally have well over 20 types of azaleas growing (not to mention all their camellias). I had my choice from dark purple to pale pink to weird stripey kinds.

I also scored a bunch of brilliant blue lavender from their front yard.


I don't think it's as fragrant as the regular lavender (although my Mum disagrees), so I actually nabbed a bit of the regular stuff too. I'm attempting to propagate it in one of the pots on my verandah. Fingers crossed.

I would have loved to take some scented fresias home as well, but was a week too late as most of them had withered in the grass.

My Dad's veggie patch was also kind to me. He picked a big juicy bunch of rhubarb for me.


Hopefully I'll be making some crumble of my own later this week!


B said...

Oh those flowers are glorious. Rhubarb crumble yummo. When we were kids we used to eat raw rhubarb dipped into a bowl of sugar - how disgusting!! haha

yublocka said...

They are lovely hey. I haven't had flowers around for such along time - too long!!

Raw rhubarb? Ugh. It's all tough and stringy yeah? Mind you I used to eat grass when I was a kid, so something have to be excused :)

P.S. Bri, do you have a blog around somewhere still???

rand(om) bites said...

What a gorgeous day hon and love all the colour! Oh, to have a proper garden.

Let me know if you need B's email to contact her!

Steph said...

Gorgeous flowers. There is nothing quite like freshly stolen (er I mean lovingly plucked) from the garden.

yublocka said...

Hey it's from my parents so it doesn't count as stolen. Now yesterday I noticed that the exact same colour azaleas are growing at uni. Now *that* would be stealing....