Monday, 10 September 2007

New exercise plan

For a while now (12 weeks to be exact) I've been planning and tracking my exercise on 43 things and trying to do something every day. Looking back over my past entries, I've been pretty good about doing something, but not very good about doing what I'd planned to.

That's why plans are merely guides and not set in stone right?

The trouble with not sticking to a plan is that it's easy to stop pushing yourself and become a bit complacent. For me, any opportunity to slacken off and make excuses is just inviting danger and sloth-dem.

Now that I'm home for the next 3 weeks I've decided my generic plan needs some alterations if it's going to be closer to reality. The main changes I'm making are to:
  • Do more weights at the gym (Pump classes).
  • Take advantage of the $5.50 weekday yoga classes at the studio less than 5 mins walk from my house (thanks Mary for introducing me to this place!!)
  • Get off my butt and do the Bay run in the beautiful weather we are experiencing (fingers crossed it lasts). Otherwise if the weather is nasty, go to the Gym instead.
  • Do my exercise in the morning - why not when I'm at home anyway? What a start to the day and beats going to the gym in peak hour! Plus I can get a coffee on the way home.
After poring over my gym & yoga timetables, here's what I've come up with:

Exercise timetable

Don't freak out over Saturday. It's basically saying I've got yoga, Pump and BodyAttack all going on. That's so not going to happen but it's good to remember all those options are available.

So that's the plan for this week. Next week will be different because I've got exams all day Monday and Tuesday (eeek!) but I'll worry about that when I get there. One day at a time!!


rand(om) bites said...

Plans are great when you get the ball rolling. It's easy to stop doing it wthough hen you miss a day or two so I find I've just gotta push on through and not think about it.

Hey, I'm definitely doing the 8am this Friday if you want to do it with me? Won't be doing Sat/Sun for a good reason :-)

I can't wait for your exams to be over too!


M said...

Great planning, and good to know you can plan but still be flexible at the same time.

This month for me is all about tracking what I would normally be doing and then next month I am going to pre-fill in some of the blanks..

Looks like we are all moving again :)