Thursday, 6 September 2007

How to make rain in 5 easy steps

Attention farmers and other drought-ridden people! Rain can easily be conjured up. Here's how:
  1. Have me decide to go out for a walk, a coffee, or a combination of the two.
  2. Have me think "I'll just have a shower", "I'll just do the vacumming", "I'll just read one more chapter" or "Ill just [insert other task] first".
  3. Complete task.
  4. Look outside and witness sunshine that was there 10 minutes ago replaced by grey skies and rain.
  5. Sigh at the world and all it's injustice.

UPDATE: This routine has now worked successfully for 4 days in a row. You cannot argue with statistics like that!!

1 comment:

M said...

Hilarious. And I think this should make the evening news - how did they not know to do this before!!

So if I wanted a dry sunny weekend my plan should be to decide to sit on my butt all weekend inside watching TV. Oh the insanity...