Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Decluttering my room, one item at a time

The obligatory BEFORE shot.

This isn’t technically either inside my wardrobe, or behind my door, but it’s where I’m focusing on tidying up right now.

Clutter, clutter clutter.

Some of these things have been sitting here in this particular spot FOR 3 YEARS. Unmoved.



rand(om) bites said...

Move it sista! I have this problem too but then I get the shits and chuck out more than I really should. Oh well. I know I should buy less and maybe then this wouldn't be a problem??

M said...

This is a huge problem of mine, and at times it becomes overwhelming with how much stuff we have and how little of it we use after the glow wears off it.

Well done on finding homes for your stuff - whether it be in the charity bin, passers by, or new owners on ebay. It will make you feel so much lighter once it has all gone.

Oh and I love the commentary on your 43 things list..