Thursday, 13 September 2007

decluttering - zones 2 & 3

Top of chest of drawers is now done:

I bought the bookends from Officeworks. Was sceptical they’d withstand the weight of my textbooks but they did!

Next challenge was the table next to the bed. As you can see, it was covered in crap.

Bedside table - before

You couldn’t see the top of it, let alone appreciate the fact it’s made out of a recycled surfboard.

My brother made that table. He's a bit of a legend, isn't it?

So that’s zones 2 and 3 done. Now I’m down to the hard stuff. Here’s what remains behind my door:

Still pretty shocking, but better than what was there back in May:

1 comment:

shinyruby2 said...

omg you are so inspiring :)
well done hon!! I am taking yr lead, stay tuned for updates!

ps - yep, the surfboard/table rocks!! how cool!