Sunday, 9 January 2011


Hurrah! Some of the uncertainty that hovered around during my last post has now been resolved.

NYE 2010

I finally bit the bullet and made some long awaited decisions regarding 2011. I'm staying in Melbourne and just doing casual work. No specialisation. No exams. No contracts. No job security. Actually I'm hoping the casual work will find me not only in Melbourne, but country Victoria, the Gong and maybe even country NSW too.

Lest I celebrate too soon, there's still lots of things I need to do to make this a workable reality. My current work contract runs out in 4 weeks. In that time I need to solidify some of the nebulous options that hover in the wings. I need to sign up with at least one locum agency. Most importantly I need to line up some definite work for February. Bills to pay baby.

A big wide open horizon can be scary. But amazing possibilities!

Bells beach


Theresa said...

WOW - as uncertain as the next few weeks may be as you sure up work, this sounds like it would be a fantastic opportunity to see a bit of the countryside, get lots of different experience and meet lots of different people.

Good luck as you sign those contracts!! (And if you ever decide you want a drastic change, I'm sure I could find you a locum job up here in no time hehe :) )

yublocka said...

Theresa, that's what I'm hoping. This year will be all about work, travel and FUN!

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