Friday, 3 August 2007

A sad sight

I just went downstairs to empty our bin. After opening the door to the garbage room I spied movement on the ground. A rat!!

Unlike most other rats it didn't scurry away in a flash and hide behind any object it could. It just sat there. I stood, frozen in the doorway not sure what to do. It actually was quite a cute little thing, with fuzzy whiskers and glossy dark brown fur. But still, it's a rat!! To throw away my garbage I had to walk past the rat, but what if it chose that moment to make a run for it and went right up my leg!!

I stomped my foot a few times, but that didn't have the desired effect of scaring it away. So with much trepidation I stepped past it and hurled my bag into the big bin. The rat moved maybe 5cm. I think there was something wrong with its hind feet. Maybe it got caught in a trap that didn't quite kill it. I know the humane (animane?) thing to do would be to kill it quickly and put it out of it's misery, but I didn't have the guts.

I feel awful about the whole thing. I'm now up in our warm apartment and it's downstairs on a cold concrete floor slowly dying no doubt in immense pain. Sometimes life sucks.


Favourite Fallen Idol said...

Oh, that sucks. I would react the same way, rats freak me out!

yublocka said...

I find them kinda cute so don't wanna be involved in killing one. Ugh!!