Thursday, 30 August 2007


I tend to go through phases where I really get into a particular food and eat it constantly. After a few months I find another craze, and move on to something else. Sometimes I go back and re-visit previous crazes. I'm doing that right now with bagels.

I think we're a bit bagel-deprived here in Australia. We don't have the plethora of bagel bakeries that they do in NYC or all across Canada. We don't have the opportunity to walk down the street and be tempted by the fragrance of freshly cooked bagels. Nor do we have the sheer variety of flavours available; from plain to seeded to jalapeno-cheese all the way through to chocolate or maple syrup you think of it, Canadians have made a bagel out of it.

The supermarket bought bagels we get here just don't measure up. Bagels are a fleeting treasure; get them fresh and they are chewy on the outside and soft and doughy on the inside. A day later and they are just tough, dry and nasty. Not worth the effort!

So I was delighted to discover that a sourdough bakery just up the road has freshly baked bagels. They also do great take-away coffee. My latest thing has been to go the gym and grab a coffee and bagel on the way home for breakfast or lunch depending on what time it is. But you have to get in quick; their supply of bagels is usually all but gone by mid-morning.

Blueberry bagel with cream cheese

Here's my perfect breakfast: a blueberry bagel with extra light cream cheese and a coffee. What a start to the day.

Cheese bagel with cream cheese and vegemite

Another brekky favourite is a cheese bagel with a smidge of cream cheese and vegemite. Divine!!

Plain bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket

This creation is superb and does equally well for breakfast or lunch. I'd even eat it for dinner if it had managed to survive the rest of the day uneaten! It's a plain bagel topped with cream cheese, rocket and smoked salmon drizzled with lemon juice and cracked pepper. I now keep some smoked salmon in fridge purposely to make this little treat!!

Poppy seed bagel with haloumi, tomato and rocket

This one is great for lunch and can be adapted easily with whatever ingredients are on hand. The staples are rocket, tomato and some kind of cheese (preferably haloumi or feta) with chilli. Olives, roasted capsicum and pesto are a great way to liven it up as required.

If anyone else has any great bagel ideas please let me know. I'm always up for another way to celebrate the humble bagel!

UPDATE: Having had a cheese bagel for lunch today I decided to take yet another photo to make my bagel collection complete. I was having trouble capturing the cheese one though - it somehow didn't seem to be as photogenic as the rest. A decided to help me out, but by the time he'd crossed the room I was already stuffing my face!

Scoffing down the bagel

I'll also come clean with the details of the purveyor of bagely goodness since M asked: they're from rise Newtown (the same shop used to be called d'ough which is just *the* best name for a bakery) on King St Newtown, right next door to Franklins. I'm a bit confused though, because according to yellowpages their name is The Bread Connection, but I'll go with whatever name is on the shopfront.

And yes, I am worried that they'll disappear but every time I go I stock up, making sure I have enough for at least one of every flavour to sit in the freezer. Some days I clear them out of all remaining bagels!! Though having consumed several over the last few days, my supplies have dwindled down to nothing, so looks like I'll be going for a walk tomorrow morning!!


M said...

Yummmmmm. Having only ever had the crusty nasty day old bagels I never quite understood why people carry on about them the way they do. But after this post, and seeing your photos (which by the way have all of my favourite foods in them) I am tempted to go and buy a fresh bagel to see what they are like.

Where is this bakery? And why are you keeping this information all to yourself? Are you afraid you will miss out... LOL..

Steph said...

They look devine! But being alergic to flour and gluten I'd have to pass. *cries*

yublocka said...

Oh Steph that is so a toughie!

Seriously, you have my admiration cos I really don't think I could cope not eating gluten - I am a definite carbaholic!!

M said...

Thanks for the info. I feel a trip to Newtown is coming up :-)

Favourite Fallen Idol said...

Oh, those bagels look so good! I'm off bread at the moment and the mere thought of doughy goodness is doing my head in! There's a new bagel cafe in Rozelle which I've yet to sample but I've heard they're quite good too. Best bagel I ever had was on Brick Lane in London. 90p, smoked salmon and cream cheese and so soft and luscious.

rand(om) bites said...

Now I want bagels, yum! I've gotta try that place up the road. They do a great fruit bread too. I buy a mixed box of goodies from there for a treat occasionally :-)