Saturday, 25 August 2007

Lemon seeds - take two!

I've started working on one of my 43things again - to grow a lemon tree from seeds.

Last time I lost my seeds in a little accident on the verandah - I decided they weren't getting enough direct sunlight, so I thought I'd move them from their safe spot on the kitchen bench to the verandah for an hour or two on sunny afternoon.

Minutes later when I went to check on them the paper towelling had blown away, taking my precious seeds with them.

Since then I've been avidly collecting seeds - I have about 50 by now, so surely some of them have to pop!!

This time, thanks to a great suggestion from little miss ruby, I'm using cotton wool instead of paper. Hopefully that'll mean less drying out, and less blowing away.

(I didn't have normal cotton balls, so I'm hoping those cotton wool make-up pads will do the same trick)

Fingers crossed this time is more successful. However due to the nasty and greyness outside I don't foresee there being much verandah-time put in - today at least!

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I don't know your name. I guess it's Yublocka. Anyway, I read your story in trying to grow lemon tree from seeds. I'd like to suggest you to put the seeds in the soil instead of trying to germinate them in some pieces of wet cotton. It'll be much more effective.

What I did with my lemon seeds was putting them (spreadingly) in the soil in a small container with holes on the bottom side. Water the soil moderately for the first time. Keep the container in a warm corner. Do not water the soil everyday but just when you feel it's dry. You can figure it out by touching the soil. The best way is by using a water sprayer.

Once the sprout comes out of the soil, do not shift it to another container. Just wait for another month or two until the new baby plant grow steady. But when the sprout has come out of the soil put the container in a full-sunlight corner. And the time you think you can shift it to a bigger container, do not use a TOO big container but just a bit bigger one.

That's my suggestion. Hope it will work nicely with your lemon seeds. All the best.

Best wishes,