Thursday, 21 June 2007

Bring on the sunshine

21 June
Originally uploaded by yublocka
Inspired by a combination of Mary's beautiful winter solstice post, my desire for warmth and sunshine, my new found vigour in uploading to flickr and my intention to start taking more photographs I have decided to track the lengthening of the days via a daily photograph from our verandah.

Today I was struck by how quickly a glowing orange sunset was enveloped by darkness. Initially I wanted to capture the moment in it's orange brilliance, but by the time I had walked the 15m into my bedroom and retrieved my camera, the sunset had dulled into a mauve blur.

A mere ten minutes later at 5:30pm the sky looked like this.

From now on every day I am home at 5:30pm I'll try to record the view from the same position. Bring on the sunshine!!!

In a few months time I'll be cursing the intense heat that pours through all our windows at that time. For now I'll enjoy the feeling of expectation while it lasts!


ombites (mary) said...

What a brilliant idea! I'm going to keep an eye on Flickr :-)

your bloody valentine said...

I'm going over to your Flickr to have a squiz! Such a good idea to document things at the same time each day.