Thursday, 21 June 2007

Back from the dead!

OK so being in the OC was not even remotely like being dead - unless you're trying to find an open restaurant on a Sunday night - but it just sounds dramatic, doesn't it?

I've actually been back for a grand ole 5 weeks now. Ever since I have been intending on positing a massive photopost run down of my time there, but I simply haven't had the time or the motivation to be honest.

Two things this week have changed that: firstly I have been sick and had the last 2 days at home, and secondly thanks to one of my 43things I have been madly organising all the photos on my laptop and uploading them to Flickr. I haven't finished all of them, but the OC ones are well and truly there.

So fiiiiiiiiinally I've picked out a few to share with you here: the last 4 months of my life in 8 photos!!!

1) This was my room in our 6-bedroom house. Despite being demountables they were actually quite nice inside. The best feature was the individual air-conditioner and heating in each room (including the bathrooms). In the 4 months we were there the weather changed from boiling hot to freezing, so both features were well and truly appreciated.

My room

2) Our courtyard between the 3 houses. The site of many a BBQ.

Our courtyard

3) This is us! Believe it or not this mugshot made it onto page 3 of the local paper. How embaressment!!

Front page news

4) One of our many BBQs. Good food, good company and lots of wine!!

BBQ #3

5) A came up to visit one weekend. The weather was glorious so we went to a berry farm and went berry picking. The raspberries and strawberries we picked were simply to die for. Apart from stuffing our faces whilst picking them, we made berry pie, muffins and slice and still had heaps left to freeze for smoothies etc!

Berry picking

6) One of the most "scenic" features of the OC: the electrical towers on top of the mountain that overlooks town. Needless to say every visitor that came up for the weekend was subjected to this magnificent tourist attraction.

Climbing mt-cnob

7) We didn't just have BBQs, there were also lots of local pubs that we frequented. The wine bar was a firm favourite, although it started getting very chilly outside in late Autumn! Luckily they were all within walking distance of home, just what you need at 3am right?

Last night in OC

8) The town itself was just beautiful. This is the hospital - isn't it cute? This photo was taken on one of our last days there. I miss the beautiful autumn trees!

Streets of OC

And there we have it. If you liked any of there there are a lot more where they come from!!!


ombites (mary) said...

The town does look beautiful and how weird must it feel to be leaving it all now. Your time there went so quickly!

yublocka said...

Yeah it feels weird looking back at these photos a mere few weeks later.

Still its nice to be able to look forward to heading back next year!