Sunday, 9 May 2010

Things I love about Melbourne #2: Bay Ride

I know, I know it's been about a bazillion years since I posted here. In my defence, I've been away, I've been sick, and it's been cold. Any more excuses required?

Despite my slackness and sickness, I've been trying to do some stuff. Today I got out on my bike and explored part of the Bay Trail that extends from the west side of Port Melbourne to Carrum (wherever that is).

Bay ride

Here's the small part of it that I did today: 35km there & back according to googlemaps.

Bay Ride

It was a perfect day for riding. Sunny, but not too hot. A bit of breeze in the air which I thought was lovely on the way down, but had to struggle against all the way back.

Bay ride Bay ride

I am far from an expert cyclist, however I have recently made one important cycling purchase: clip-on shoes. I took my bike up to Wollongong on my recent jaunt home, and after lagging behind on hills, friends assured me these clip-on shoes were the way to go.

Bay ride

They look pretty groovy don't they? Tell you what though, it was like learning to ride a bike all over again, falling off the bike included. In fact 2 weeks later the bruises on my thigh are still healing! Ah well, no pain no gain!

Bay ride Bay ride

To be honest, I have no idea how much a difference these shoes make. I haven't gone up any of the same hills since I've been wearing them that I struggled with earlier. I do like the security of having my feet always on the pedal though.

Who knows if it's all psyhcological, but anything that helps to get out and enjoy a beautiful day like today is worth it, isn't it?

Bay ride


Rand(Om) Bites said...

The shoes look pretty cool actually - would love to do this when we come down to Melbs. Trying to figure out a weekend in August/September. Love these posts.

yublocka said...

Yes!!! Do come!! We'll hire bikes when you come here and go for a spin. Fab!!!