Monday, 10 May 2010

A fine Autumn day

Ever since I've come back down south from The Gong, I've been moaning about how cold it is, and how worried am I about how I'm going to survive winter. Yesterday was gorgeous, and I had a great day out on the bike.

Now I know today is Monday, but given that I'm doing shift work, I had the day off. Since it was another beautiful day, I decided I really should make the most of it and get out in the sunshine while I can.

A day in St Kilda

Today I took a stroll along the bay in the opposite direction than I went riding yesterday.

A day in St Kilda

I know a lot of people disparage St Kilda as being touristy, and to some extent I agree. On weekends especially you have to dodge around people to walk along the esplanade, and finding a seat at a cafe along Acland st can be a bit traumatic. However on weekdays? Quite a different story.

A day in St Kilda

I love being home during the week to take advantage of days like this.

A day in St Kilda A day in St Kilda

And after the walk? What better than a tasty burger at one of my favourite cafes?

A day in St Kilda

Normally chockablock full on weekends, often with a waiting list taped to the front door. Today it was half-empty, and I had a whole table to myself, no hassle. Bliss!

A day in St Kilda


LegacyOfPearl said...

I love St. Kilda. It has such a beach and artsy vibe at the same time! I've done that bay ride, too. :) You live in a beautiful city!

yublocka said...

Yeah uits a fun vibe - nice and relaxed and happy. You should come back and visit again!

Rand(Om) Bites said...

Great shots hon and I totally understand about the "tourist" thing - it's kinda like that in Newtown and definitely Bondi. The weekdays are the treat days when it is pretty much locals. It's great that so many tourists come to visit though because it keeps the local designers etc in business too :-)

yublocka said...

Yeah it is pretty special to be able to live somewhere nice enough that people want to come visit on holiday! Lucky!!!

p.s. I thought of you yesterday - one of our neighbours has a Deus bike. Nice huh!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, lovely pics! Specially now that it's all miserable outside. But I don't really miss the tourists. I was starting to find the drunken parties a little trying...

Hope you are well and step by stepping to wholeness as a single gal xoxo