Wednesday, 10 March 2010

YLF challenge

Over on you look fab, there's another wardrobe challenge happening. I'm first up, having been challenged by the lovely Sarah to:
"try a look with trousers or trouser jeans while defining your waist line. If you don't have trousers or trouser jeans, a pencil skirt would be lovely. To make this a wee bit more challenging, try to incorporate at least one pattern, one textural element, and one "wow" accessory."
Talk about a challenge and a half! As an undeniably apple body shape, I *have* no waistline, and most of my wardrobe is spent trying to disguise that fact. My waist:hip ratio is > 90% - no waistline there baby! Surrendering the surrender of the waistline is enough of a challenge alone for me!

But I've endeavoured to rise to the challenge in two ways. Firstly with trouser jeans.

YLF challenge chain

Now for the challenge elements:
  • The buttoned-up waistcoat is an attempt to show the waist and "girdle" me up :)
  • The pattern is the houndstooth print on the Me Too Swann flats.
  • Textural elements? Hmmm do denim jeans, fabric/patent shoes and cotton tops count?
  • Wow accessory - new long-strand bead/pearl necklace from Target & cocktail ring from H&M.
Next I wanted to try surrendering the waist with the new pleated skirt I bought from Cue. For bonus points I styled it 2 ways. This was a brilliant exercise for me to work out what tops I can wear with this skirt, something I had been wondering since I bought it the other day!

YLF challenge chain

Challenge elements:
  • Showing the waist: look, tucked top! Possibly a first ever! The pleats on the skirt pouf out my hips so make me look like I have a waist, yay!
  • Pattern: microfishnets (tenuous I know!)
  • Textural elements: microfishnets, leather shoes, ponte skirt, knit top
  • Wow accessory - red antique beads from Ecuador, black booties from Hong Kong
And the biggest challenge of all for me? Pencil skirt + belt. Something I have *never* tried before. This belt came with a Stella dress I bought last year and that's the only time I've ever worn it. Not sure if I would be game to wear this one out of the house, but it is fun!

YLF challenge chain

Challenge elements:
  • Showing the waist: pencil skirt + belt. Oh my!
  • Pattern: microfishnets, zebra print op
  • Textural elements: microfishnets, leather shoes, ponte skirt, patent belt, cotton top
  • Wow accessory - red BD booties, patent back belt
Whew, that was exhausting! :)


green ink said...

I love all of these, especially the first one - you look great!!

yublocka said...

Aww thanks Phil! I was surprised how much I liked these looks as well - a real change from my usual style!

Nadine said...

You look really good in things that show your waist! You should do that always!

yublocka said...

Lovely comment - thanks Nadine. Not always the case though. I have to work hard to create an artifical waist!! That black skirt is pure gold!

Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP said...

Love that skirt on you. Try a curved hip belt - that starts at the waist on the sides of your body, but dips low at the front, this gives the illusion of a waist.

yublocka said...

Hi Imogen, that's an interesting idea. I'll give one of those a go in-store while I'm having a look around for belts for Maya this week!