Tuesday, 9 March 2010

day 1 (again) - 9/3/10

Well I’m starting up the exercise for 30 days challenge (again)!

To make it fair to myself, I’m only doing this on days where I work less than 13.5 hours, otherwise there just isn’t time to do this and keep my sanity. Days like today where I’m doing a 10 hour shift it is manageable.

So this is only the second time I’ve gone jogging in Melbourne, but it’s a start, right?

My right knee is still not 100%, so I really need to get myself to see a physio. I’m hoping this isn’t a lingering symptom of the SI joint problems I was having in December, but there’s only one way to find out. That’s on tomorrow’s todo list.

Only 3km so far, but the only way is up right!


green ink said...

That's a lovely run you've done there.

My other favourite run is from Elwood beach down to Sandringham and back. Then go for a power vinyasa class at Yoga Tree up the road. Ah Melbourne! :D

yublocka said...

Hehe Phil I'm working my way south don't worry! Although I've only made it as far as Brighton, even on my bike so Sandringham is definitely something to aim for!!

And thanks for the tip on Yoga Tree! I have tried one yoga studio near here, but also really like the look of this place, so will definitely check it out! Any other tips? :)