Wednesday, 20 May 2009

What I wore this week: #3

First up: a confession. These outfits aren't *all* from this week. I've clearly been terribly slack with both taking photos and with posting here. I'd like to blame it on the fact that its winter here, and lighting is just bad for photo-taking.

But really, I'm just a slacker.

It's a shame, because I have managed to sport a lot of the clothes I bought whilst away. I'll just have to try and wear them again soon huh? Anyway enough with the explanations and excuses.

First up this outfit features a top I bought at H&M in SF & another pair of Me Too Swann's that I bought in SF as well. Both looking at the pic, and on the day I felt it was too dark. I didn't have any lighter colour pants that I thought would work. Kinda gave me some buyers remorse about not having bought the Club Monaco microchecks I tried on in SF after all - they may indeed have worked!

Turquoise knit top, black shirt, black pants

This is one of my more dressy work outfits. I had to present a couple of patients to the Mental Health Tribunal this day so wanted to look somewhat professional so they'd believe I knew what I was talking about. These are one of only 2 pairs of pants I own that need to be worn with heels (1.5 inches!) because they are TOO LONG!! My fault really as I got them custom made in Hoi An. The novelty of wearing too-long pants just hasn't worn off on me though.

Brown vest and pants w white shirt

Here's a close-up of the textures. Plain brown vest with funky bottons, silver and white striped shirt and brown and black plaid wool pants.

Brown vest and pants w white shirt - closeup

Finally today's outfit. I liked it, and as always when I wear these boots got several compliments on them. However I did also have one patient walk up to me and told me "you look like a hooker in those clothes". I have to admit I was somewhat taken aback, but having other people remind me that she was the one in a psych ward, made me feel better about things. Does this outfit say hooker to you?

Black dress, blue cardie and red boots


Kari said...

You look lovely, Tam, and not even remotely hooker-ish in the last photo. I love the red boots and cobalt cardi in the same outfit - so pretty!

yublocka said...

Thanks Kari!! The cardie and boots outfit was my fave as well - it just feels so "me"!!!

rand(om) bites said...

Hooker? Really? Well, there are a whole bunch of prudes out there. I love your style hon. Comments like "hooker" says more about the person than you usually.

M said...

I think you look really nice, and so does my son Darcy who has just walked into the room!

Gorgeous :)

yublocka said...

Thanks M & Mary, I must admit I didn't *feel* like a hooker thank goodness!!

M can you please thank Darcy for me too!!!