Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Catching up

It's been a busy time since I checked in here last. I don't have the energy to write a long, detailed post describing it all, but here are the highlights of the last week or so of my life, in roughly chronological order.

  1. Eating dumplings, drinking much wine and singing lots of Guns 'n Roses at Karaoke.
  2. Waking up still drunk the next morning and having to pack my bags for a morning flight to Cairns.
  3. Making it to Cairns in one piece and enjoying a cruisy day wandering the streets, sussing out what had changed in the 5 years since I'd been there.
    By the water
  4. Spending 3 days on a boat staring at a view like this non-stop. Note the lack of blue sky.
    View from boat
  5. Doing 10 dives in 3 days, including 2 night dives. Never done a night dive before and was expecting it to be very scary - it wasn't! Best dive was the last morning - there were 9 sharks right underneath our boat as we descended. Then we saw 7 turtles in the one dive!
  6. Making it back on dry land and discovering that blue sky still exists.
    By the water
  7. Getting home and unpacking. Such fun - not!!!
  8. Finding out I passed 3rd year and am now officially in 4th year - woohoo!
  9. Realising this now officially means I have 9 weeks before I head to Vietnam for 3 months. Buying a Lonely Planet (still not opened it though)
  10. Picking out a new pair of glasses. They'll be ready to collect soon.
  11. Visiting my Babushka and getting to eat prawn dumplings at the same time. Yum.
    Baba's verandah
  12. Starting my first 4th year rotation - Obstetrics and Gynaecology. It's going to be an interesting 8 weeks, and I am loving being able to walk to hospital in the mornings.
So I think that pretty much brings us up to date. I need a rest from all this excitement!!


B said...

Sounds like you had a great time and all that sea life you got to see - yihar! I love FNQ. I went on a holiday to Port Douglas (a long time ago now) and I would LOVE to go back, it's just so gorgeous and green up there.
Gotta love Singstar - i'm hoping to get the Rock Ballads one for my birthday.
Have a great week. Good luck with your Ob/gyn rotation, at least most of the people you'll meet will be happy - you know AFTER all the pain and stuff - haha!

Favourite Fallen Idol said...

Karaoke looks like fun! G'N'R karaoke is even better.
Sounds like you had a great time away. I'd love to go diving, I've been snorkelling but that's about the extent of my deep sea shenanigans.
I can't believe you'll be off to Vietnam so soon, doesn't seem that long ago you were weighing up your options on where to go. Hope to see you before you depart :) And congrats on passing 3rd year!

yublocka said...

Cairns was lovely - it was just a shame about the weather the days we were on the boat. The conditions were not very conducive to snorkelling!

b, so glad to be able to catch up with you again!!

and ffi, you're right, GNR rocks!!!

rand(om) bites said...

GNR and Karaoke LOL, too funny! Yes, we all have to catch up before you head off!! Are you still going to Melbs on Nov 3?