Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Bay run!

I finished at hospital early today, so decided that despite not having run any distance for a while, I’d give the Bay run a go. It’s perfect running weather at the moment – not too hot, but still nice and sunny. What better track to run and admire the slowly setting sun?

It wasn’t all peaches and cream though. 15 minutes in I got a stitch that lasted a good 20 mins. It wasn’t too bad that I had to stop and walk though, so I just pushed through it. With 15 mins to go I also noticed my knees were hurting – I hope that is something that will go away rather than continue if I try to do this more often.

All up I did the 7km in 45-50min (I forgot to look at my watch until after I had finished stretching). I was pleasantly surprised that I made the whole thing without having to stop and walk.

A few hours later and I can feel my calves are tightening. It feels good knowing that I pushed myself today.

Let’s see how tomorrow feels though eh?


B said...

It's been a long time since I felt that "post exercise" tightness. It is such a good feeling.

yublocka said...

It is good hey, as long as it doesn't hurt tooooooo much. Then it's just painful :)

Ashwee said...

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Steph said...

I love "feeling the burn" it's addictive!!

Well done on the run.

yublocka said...

Aww thanks Steph. It's not much compared to most people, but it's more than I've done lately!!

"Feel the burn" hey. Sounds like a cheesey slogan I've heard before.....but where?

rand(om) bites said...

Great run hon and the Bay sounds like such a great place to do it. I've always wanted to walk it. A plan for summer! I love that post exercise feeling, even if I feel like I'm gonna die ;-)