Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Finally.....a "what i wore" post

I still don't know what job I'll be doing next year when my one year contract here expires. I had part one of a job interview today, so I guess I'm one step closer to finding out.

And thanks to the marvellous fact that my new digital camera arrived yesterday, I can post photos of what I wore!!

I didn't go too formal for this interview for a number of reasons. It's an internal job for the company where I'm already working, so theorectially it could have been held on a day I was already at work. The department I'm interviewing for is quite informal; pretty much everyone just wears scrubs to work, so a suit would have looked very out of place. Also I'm currently on annual leave and was going in specifically for this interview on a day off (ok maybe that's not a very good excuse, but I'll take what I can get).

Initially I was going to wear this:

Job interview alternative outfit

Sorry for the blurry shot. New camera hiccup I hope!

But at the last minute I decided to swap out the black vest for a red top.

Job interview alternative outfit

I felt put-together in this outfit, and definitely more dressed up from normal - it's officially the fourth time I've worn heels all year, and yes I am counting!! I still felt comfortable though, and felt more "me" with some kind of bright colour. I didn't feel out of place in the environment I was being interviewed in at all.

My interviewer even commented on the red vest and said it looked fun and that I looked "personable". I hope that's a good thing!


Rand(Om) Bites said...

I've always loved your style hon - hope the interview went well. Any news? x

Anonymous said...

I love the look of the red vest! It's eyecatching without being over the top.

yublocka said...

Hey mary, thanks for the well wishes. Have my 2nd interview tomorrow - eeek!

Thanks whenlifehandsyouapear. Yay for red!!

Anonymous said...

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