Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Where does the time go?

Yet again it's been an inordinate amount of time between posts. My excuse is that for the last 3 months I've been back on the Monday to Friday grind of ward work. With a good helping of weekend cover shifts thrown in as well.

But as of this Friday afternoon I'll be back on shift work. Is it strange that I can't wait? I love having random days off during the week even if it does mean working a lot of weekends. I'm also looking forward to working 40, rather than 70 hours per week.

And who knows, maybe as well as giving me more time for blogging, it will also give me more time for doing something to blog ABOUT!

Depending on what (if any) job I end up getting for next year, I may never have another ward job again. We shall see!

I shouldn't complain too much though. I've just had a lovely weekend off. I was technically on-call all weekend, but didn't have to go in at all. Instead I went and saw the Tim Burton exhibtion, then went out and drank waaaaay too many cocktails, then slept in and caught up with a friend visiting from Sydney at my favourite cafe. So it's not all work and no play.

Today when I got home after 11 hours at work, I was tempted to kick back and bludge around the apartment (yet again). Instead I dragged myself out for a walk along the beach. Wandering along, I ran into 2 seperate people I know and stopped to say hello. While I still don't feel exactly "at home" here, it is nice to see familiar faces and feel like I have some connections here.

Next challenge is to go for a run after work, or maybe actually make it to a yoga class or the pool. I'm working 15 hours tomorrow though, so it certainly won't be then!!


Margaret said...

Wow. Your life is hectic, but it is so cool that you are finding your balance, and your place in it. I love meeting random people that I know enough to say hello to, or have a quick chat. x

yublocka said...

It's slowed down this week, thanks goodness. Balance? Hrm, still working on that. A long way to go, but I guess life is always a work in progress, right?

As for you, lots of changes ahead it seems! Exciting!!!

Rand(Om) Bites said...

Tam, they are such long hours and you still manage to try and fit everything else in. Balance is a beautiful thing and it's about letting go too I reckon. If you really don't have to do something, then don't. Focus on what's important when you're so busy :-)

yublocka said...

Unfortunately what I'm focusing on right now is sleeping in and eating extreme amounts of choclolate. Balance definitely not quite there yet!!!