Sunday, 20 September 2009

An atypical Saturday night

This was what my Saturday night consisted of:
  • Inserting a pigtail drain into a patient with a large pneumothorax - instructed by the surgical reg step by step of course!
  • Assisting in a C-section (it was a boy)
  • Arrest call #1 - patient ended up ok-ish but needing multiple blood transfusions for Hb 64 with ongoing melaena who is not a surgical candidate
  • Arrest call #2 - actually we were there pre-arrest while he had no radial pulse and unmeasureable BP. After he crashed he was brought back after 20mins of CPR with several cracked ribs. He ended up getting a femoral line and more CPR and was even about to be transferred to ICU until he arrested again and didn't come back. RIP. I got to do some bag and masking, some CPR and and course filling in the death certificate (interns job is always the paperwork!)
  • Being told to "piss off" by a patient who had chest pain prior. Noice!
I can't wait to have a nice quiet Saturday night (or any other for that matter) at home in front of the telly again. Still, all those events were interesting and I learnt heaps...well except the last one of course!

4 nights down, 3 to go (and counting!)

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rand(om) bites said...

Oh hon, take my hat off to you. Helping people and all the good you do without most people realising just how much you put yourself second to their needs is truly strength of your character. I hope you've been doing some nice things for yourself.