Sunday, 23 August 2009

An understated description of the last 8 months of my life

This article a friend showed me from the Readers Digest is a surprisingly true-to-life depiction of the first few months of this year for me. Although really, it understates how terrifying and how satisfying things can be if you ask me!

Intense moments of pure panic....check
Getting asked questions by patients and family you just can't answer...check
Failing miserably at cannulas...check
Dying patients....check
Wanting to faint in surgery....check
Still really liking your job for some strange reason....check

Let's hope that last point continues to be true!


Steph said...

I am in awe of you. I have a friend who does the most ridiculous hours, and I have no idea how you all cope.

You'll be a fantastic doctor, you have that humane quality, I'd trust you with my bits anyway ;)

yublocka said...

Aww thanks Stef. You know I'm suprised with all your shenanigans you don't turn up in the ED more often yourself! :)

yublocka said...

Oops I mean Steph - sorry!!!!