Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Shoes all sorted

It was over a month ago that I proudly announced I'd bought all the do-dads to get my shoe storage organised. It took me less than an hour to sort it all out, but for the last month I've been busy procrastinating finishing off a project that's been hanging over my head for so long it isn't funny. Finally I think it's sorted so I'm allowing myself to procrastinate play here again!

So hows it all looking now? Pretty bloody good if I do say so myself.

Here is the left side of my wardrobe - before and after (click on each image for a bigger version).

My shoe mess Shoe storage - after

A significant improvement, no? And the right side of my wardrobe - equally as impressive I think!

My shoe mess Shoe storage - after

Amazingly, in the nearly 4 weeks that I've had this set up, this is still what the floor of my wardrobe looks like! I've found it easy to access shoes when needed, and it's so easy to come home from the gym and just chuck my sneakers in one of those boxes - no excuse for leaving them lying around on the floor anymore!

I got a few other goodies while I was at ikea. Firstly, some storage boxes for the shelf above my wardrobe. That's where I store spare bed linen, towels, photos, sleeping bags, travel bags and other bits & pieces. Here's what it looked like before (sans the towels because they were in the wash).

Above the wardrobe - before

It doesn't look nearly as bad without the towels (I have a lot!) but you get the point that its a shambles, right? This is what it looks like now, after the purchase of some ikea skubb drawers.

Above the wardrobe - after

How much do I love the colour!!!!

And while I was there, I picked up a few other things I couldn't resist: a new frying pan, chopping boards and serviettes.

Ikea frypan Ikea chopping boards Ikea serviettes

And some supplies for my next "project".

Ikea corkboard Ikea fabric

Stay tuned!!


shinyruby2 said...

i LOVE ikea!! Well done! X

M said...

You gotto love the red.. My favourite colour!! And now I have written IKEA onto my To Do list.. thanks LOL..

I am Slimming aka MissMegan1974 said...

Looks fantastic. Seems that I'm not the only one decluttering and cleaning.

yublocka said...

ikea is addictive! I just love browsing around looking at all the gorgeous displays!

M if you like red you'd go nuts there - there's so much red it's literally paradise!!!

Imogen Lamport said...

Great job - interesting way of storing in the boxes - I might give it a go - I have some of my shoes in one of those shoe hanger things (with pockets) but they sometimes fall out, and my new puppy just eats any shoes she can get her lips around.

Susanne said...

Yay! It looks much better

yublocka said...

! I am still loving it btw!!!